Fishing Au Naturel

BNKD Follower Yohann talks us through his tactics to land this stunning French Mirror.

Stunning French Mirror for Yohann

Hello everyone, I share this story with a few lines, my name is Yohann I am French, 24 years old I fish everywhere. I try to explore a maximum of places, I want to present this fish to you here is its story.

5 am the alarm goes off to load the car destination a brand-new lake about 2 hours drive from my home, specifically Cattenom, near the Luxembourg border. a lake to fish a lot which undergoes a strong fishing pressure, having no information on this body of water, I then decide upon my arrival to go around the lake. I find some interesting spots on the edge, which are very wooded, once arrived on my post it left for the installation, by launching my marker rod I find at about 80 m a high bottom.

I then decided to put a rod with a spinner rig escher of a pineapple pop up from mainline, Fishing with three rods I then decided to place the last two just below a tree. 8:30 am all fishing 3 pm no beep no activity I then decide to move a cane at the edge, which I had previously started with micro particles, hedgehog, pellet, tiger, corn, I decide to make it as natural as possible a Tiger a false corn on a fluorocarbon assembly. after 1h30 of fishing I see my stow stuck against the delkim and the beep bipppppp …….

What a relief a fish full of energy an intense fight but the result is there a beautiful mirror of 15 kg which will have succumb to a very simple assembly is close to the natural. Thank you for taking the time to read these few lines soon for new adventures.


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