Carp Crunching

BNKD follower Jack Jackson takes us through every second of his planning and execution of a recent 48hr session.

Fishing is on my mind almost every hour of the day. When I am at home before I run off to work to do my last 12hour shift through the night, I get my prep done and half load the car. Throughout the night at work I’ll be thinking about tactics; from looking at weather reports, what type of baiting approach I’m going to take, and to thinking about where the fish will be. Before I know it, work has finished and four glorious days off lay ahead! I race home to get the last bits done and say my goodbyes – as I won’t be seen or heard from for a couple days. For this particular session, I had 48 hours as I needed to be home for a picnic and country-walk that I had planned with my girlfriend. Fishing is an addiction – an addiction that pushes me when I’m either tired and wet – or even when times are hard and you’re struggling to bank your quarry.

I landed at the syndicate at around 9am. The sun was burning though what clouds where left, so I knew it was going to be a hot and high-pressured tricky, few days. There’s no need to rush as the key to success is to locate your quarry – the beautiful carp we know and love! With the sun rising high and taking over the sky it shouldn’t be hard to find them. I grabbed my water butt and decided to take a walk, armed with polaroid’s and a cap; I soon found them patrolling along a tree-lined bay. they wasn’t sunning themselves yet, they were lower in the water looking for food and moving at a searching pace a foot or two off the deck. As I peeled back some branches and poked my head out over the shallow shelf running along the tree-line I seen one and then another one! Eyes down and searching for breakfast. This was clearly where I needed to be, back to the motor, barrow loaded and off I trot to the swim to get my home from home set up.

Travelling light and ready to move is always in my armoury, but with the current situation with Covid-19 it was making life harder to track down and catch my target fish due to the volume of Anglers on the bank.

Checking weather forecasts religiously, the wind was due to swing around and bring with it a lovely cool breeze pushing down the lake towards my snaggy bay. I took my time setting up as there was no need to rush as by now bite time had passed, the sun was burning down, and the carp were sunning themselves in the glistening sun. I made my way around to the far bank, bucket in hand full of top-quality bait supplied by DNA Baits and Monster Particles. I baited the far margin with 2KG of DNA Baits mighty SLK boilie and backed it up with 3KG of Monster Particles H.M.T mix. I made my way back to the swim with a swing in my step and my confidence flowing. I decided to leave the fish to do what they wanted to do and left the lines out of the water to build their confidence as they passed over the baited area. 6pm soon swung around and it was time to get the rods on the spots for the afternoon and the night. To be able to get round to the spots on the far bank is a massive advantage so I shot back round to check them. Carp were still present and as a group of them left the area I scattered half a kilo of SLK chops around the area and quickly bolted back to the swim to position the rods.

Darkness was soon upon me and it was time to hit the sack; it couldn’t of come fast enough as I was now drained and hadn’t slept for over 24 hours. I was out like a light – for what only seemed like 5 minutes – until the Delkim let out a few bleeps. I was up and on it like a flash and looking out at the spot that lovely cool breeze had gently pushed into the bay I was fishing. It was a smooth fight, the fish stayed deep and plodded out in front of me, which gave me time to jump into my waders and to greet it with the net. It was mine. After a closer inspection it was a fish I’d caught the previous season, called Single Scale, which was a little bigger than the first capture at 32lb 6oz and I was off the mark!

Buzzing with the capture the rod went back out onto the spot first cast… but that was going to be the end of action for now. The burning sun soon was up again, and I decided to bring the rods in and rest the swim. So, I went for a mooch around the lake looking for other opportunities, but with quite a few swims taken due to the current circumstances, trying to snatch one from another part of the lake was going to be non-existent. due to this, I joined a few of the lads in sinking a few pints and catching up 2 meters part.

On returning to my swim the fish had been able to pass over my spots all day rig and line free and feed at their own will. I dropped in another 3KG of bait, clouding the water sending scent trails flying through the water columns with the super thick spod syrup hitting the bottom – exploding with flavour. I headed back thinking it’s only a matter of time as fish were moving over the baited area with confidence and the rods in position I felt another morning bite was on the cards.

There’s three very well-known beautiful linears’ that reside in my syndicate lake that were all on my hit-list. Waking after a lovely long linear-dreaming sleep to nothing I made a strong coffee and watched the water. Seeing carp over the area all morning they were clearly having a feed, I placed my mug down and right on cue the rod was away, bent into a really powerful beast of a carp that seemed like it was never going to give in! Powering around the swim relentlessly and tearing towards the snags, I managed to steer her away and gradually gained line – WHAT A FIGHT. This fish had now been beating me up for 10-15 minutes and she wasn’t done yet but in the clear water I saw the flank and knew it was one of the prize linears’! Heart-racing stuff!

The fish shot under and over the other two lines wiping them out in an uncontrollable plea to escape feet from me. Bouncing about in my waders trying to stop it, but like a dog on a lead I managed to guide it over the net-cord, and she was mine! Pulling the net in to see my prize and to identify which out the three Lins it was I gave the air a fist pump as the excitement flowed through me. On inspection it was the 3/4 Lin looking as beautiful as ever; down in weight but when they look like this weight goes right over your head. What a fish and what a session!

She was 29lb 4oz and I was one happy Angler. With one of my target fish ticked off my list it was time to return home over the long drive home there was time to go over the session and plan the next!


Big Thank you to Jack Jackson for sharing his recent trip. Why not check him out on instagram.

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