Keiran Sefton shares with BNKD followers his insights into one of the most important elements to bagging a beauty – Watercraft.

Watercraft and why it’s so affective

So whether you’re new or old to fishing the most important thing to know in my opinion is watercraft.

Now I know a lot of people are on a time limit when it comes to fishing, so people will just arrive at the fisheries find a swim and setup, but even if you’re on a time limit always take an hour or so to walk around the lake, to watch the water because it makes such a difference to your chances.

I always say watercraft is 60% of fishing and here’s why, although just showing up and setting up is effective, using watercraft skills will increase your chances of catching so while walking round the lake watch the water, look for showing fish weather they’re jumping out or just rolling/surfacing, watch the direction of the wind as it tends to push the fish in certain ways.

If it’s a westerly/south western wind then it’s more likely to be a warmer wind meaning the fish tend to head towards the shallower areas of the lake. If it’s an easterly/north eastern wind the fish tend to go deeper as it cools the water down quickly, the way I remember is “the fish bite best when the wind if from the west and the least when from the east”.

If there’s no wind and the water is flat/calm, look for showing fish but dont ignore fizzing or lakebed disturbance as this means fish are down there looking for shadows on top of the water as they may be in the surface. Also look for features like reeds, lily pads, fallen trees/snags or islands as fish tend to stick near them during the day (due to line pressure). When you put all of the tips given together it also helps you decide on the method in which to fish, so when you’ve located your fish find your desired swim and proceed on with the way you would normally set it, but if you put all of this into practice your chances on catching more fish should improve tenfold.


Massive thank you to Keiran Sefton and what a cracker of a fish. Why not check him out on instagram

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