BNKD Founder @nate_catches wades in with his thoughts
It was on a recent trip, to a day ticket lake, whilst stood watching the flight of the many kingfishers that inhabit the surrounding trees that over hang the shallow margins, that it caught my eye.   This was a moment of utter clarity and one that stopped me in my tracks.   It was […]

Solid Bag – Tie Your Own Series

@jamie_george93 is back with his latest instalment in the tie your own series - his solid bag rig
Back for the second instalment of BNKDs “Tie your own series feature” BNKD member @jamie_george93 brings you his take on the Solid Bag and the rig he uses.   The trusty solid bag approach has to be my number one go to tactic to nick a bite. Knowing that your presentation is spot on and […]

In search of a UK 60-Episode 1

Join BNKDs Sam Fairey on his search for a UK 60
In Search of a UK 60 – Episode 1   A series… by Sam Fairey   It was the end of June 2020 and the final time I drove up to the gates of the magical Grenville. Not to fish this time though. It was a brief visit to collect my mat, slings and nets, […]

Chod Rig- Tie your own series

In our first "Tie your own series feature" BNKD member @jamie_george93 takes on the popular Chod Rig.
In our first “Tie your own series feature” BNKD member @jamie_george93 takes on the popular and often go to option – The Chod Rig.   Components needed to tie this rig: Chod style hook, Chod filament, Rig ring, Size 11 ring swivel, Putty, Puller tools, Scissors, Bait floss, a lighter, Super buoyant pop ups.   […]
Tie Your Own

Mid-day Madness

BNKD follower Connor Brown demonstrates how you can get results in a short session
I arrived at the lake around mid-day very quickly after speaking to a few people it became clear the fish where not near the park side of the lake so I decided to take a walk round to the other side where I saw signs of fish very quickly.   After I chose a swim […]

Watercraft Magic

Keiran Sefton shares with BNKD followers his insights into one of the most important elements to bagging a beauty – Watercraft.
Watercraft and why it’s so affective So whether you’re new or old to fishing the most important thing to know in my opinion is watercraft.   Now I know a lot of people are on a time limit when it comes to fishing, so people will just arrive at the fisheries find a swim and […]

Carp Crunching

BNKD follower Jack Jackson takes us through every second of his planning and execution of a recent 48hr session.
Fishing is on my mind almost every hour of the day. When I am at home before I run off to work to do my last 12hour shift through the night, I get my prep done and half load the car. Throughout the night at work I’ll be thinking about tactics; from looking at weather […]

72 hr syndicate masterclass

BNKD follower Joe Nugent takes us through his approach on a recent 72 hr syndicate trip
72 Hours With Joe Nugent I arrived at my syndicate for another 72 hours. My previous session on the lake had turned into a red letter day with 9 fish being landed and two new 30s, whilst I wasn’t expecting that sort of joy twice in a row, I wanted to try and get on […]

Listen to your gut

A great example of how a quick change in tactics can yield MONSTER results.
40 lb 10 oz of Pure Relief Well this fish was the first of a difficult trip up until this point. We arrived on the Saturday, walked the lake that’s 60 acres, so walking round took a while but straight away I loved the place, big pit, big casts and most importantly big fish.   […]

Fishing Au Naturel

BNKD Follower Yohann talks us through his tactics to land this stunning French Mirror.
Stunning French Mirror for Yohann   Hello everyone, I share this story with a few lines, my name is Yohann I am French, 24 years old I fish everywhere. I try to explore a maximum of places, I want to present this fish to you here is its story.   5 am the alarm goes […]