Chod Rig- Tie your own series

In our first "Tie your own series feature" BNKD member @jamie_george93 takes on the popular Chod Rig.

In our first “Tie your own series feature” BNKD member @jamie_george93 takes on the popular and often go to option – The Chod Rig.


Components needed to tie this rig:

  • Chod style hook,
  • Chod filament,
  • Rig ring,
  • Size 11 ring swivel,
  • Putty,
  • Puller tools,
  • Scissors,
  • Bait floss,
  • a lighter,
  • Super buoyant pop ups.


Step 1: cut yourself off around 6-8inches of chod filament. Secure the hook with a knotless knot leaving about an inch of tag end to create the d section, Slide on a rig ring on the tag end.




Step 2: pass the tag end back through the eye of the hook.




Step 3: carefully blob the tag end with a lighter to secure d section in place




Step 4: attach your ring swivel using a 2 turn blood knot moisten and tighten down slowly.




Step 5: trim tag and blob for added security.




Step 6: run the chod filament through your finger and thumb the warm the material and create a slight curve in the rig.




Step 7: floss on a super buoyant pop up and apply just enough putty so the rig sinks super slowly and your good to go.