Listen to your gut

A great example of how a quick change in tactics can yield MONSTER results.

40 lb 10 oz of Pure Relief

Well this fish was the first of a difficult trip up until this point. We arrived on the Saturday, walked the lake that’s 60 acres, so walking round took a while but straight away I loved the place, big pit, big casts and most importantly big fish.


Once we settled in the swim after a through the night journey, running on caffeine I’d managed to get the rods out on 3 singles just to see if I could nick a quick bite.


Obviously, I done the obligatory, pick the owners brains, she said about fishing at around 60 to 80 yards as this where the fish held up a lot, but there was a big island at 100 to 135 yards.


So, after finding this out I stuck a 4oz gripper lead and got to work casting around to find spots, after finding a nice smooth spot, I stuck out 3 rods covering 3 different methods, one popped up the others wafting and on the bottom.


After having just 2 grass carp to 37lb in 4 days, and other anglers catching around me, I knew I needed a change. With this lake being gin clear I went onto a naked set up, fluorocarbon hook link on a combi setup, and cast to the island, as I felt I should have in previous days.


After just 3 hours of being on the island at 120 yards, this 40lb 1oz rolled over my net cord, the relief and elation that came across was unreal. I knew now I could have possibly got a spot rocking, after hearing fish crash the night before from previous baiting, to now this lump being in the bottom of my net.


The next 3 following days I managed to bag another 3 40s to 48. This trip taught me a lot about this lake, feeding times and the spots I need to fish when I return.


A fish I won’t soon forget.



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