Mid-day Madness

BNKD follower Connor Brown demonstrates how you can get results in a short session

I arrived at the lake around mid-day very quickly after speaking to a few people it became clear the fish where not near the park side of the lake so I decided to take a walk round to the other side where I saw signs of fish very quickly.


After I chose a swim I went about getting some bait in so I baited up with around 20 half’s of KLF as I didn’t want to bait heavy. Little and often seemed to be the way as the temperature had dropped. I got my rods set up with both slip d rigs using size 5 thinking anglers curve point hooks on the end. I baited them with 16mm black pepper pinkies and a small mesh bag of crushed boilie to protect the hook.


After a matter of a few minutes I was into the first fish but sadly it came off from a hook pull so I checked my rig and got it back out there, 10 minutes later I was into my first fish resulting in a 18lb mirror I then proceeded to bait up again with the same amount and get the rods back out shortly after I was rewarded with a smaller mirror shortly followed by another smaller mirror.


The fishing has started to slow down after this so I put a small amount of glug on my boilie and added some pellet to see if I could bring them back onto my spot, indeed this worked with me landing a 20lb 8oz mirror so I kept the bait going in and it went quiet until just after dark when my rod ripped or again resulting in a beautiful 16lb linear mirror shortly followed by a small mirror by this time it started raining.


I had 3 hours to go before I had to leave so I went for it to try and get one more bite before leaving I moved one rod closer in and baited around it with around 10-15 boilies and some half’s, around 9pm it ripped off and I landed the big one, the fish I’ve been after since I joined and it smashed my pb spinning the scales all the way round to 32lb 11oz my first 30 and a new personal best I was buzzing and with it also being the biggest fish in the lake I was even more hyped up!!



Massive thank you to Connor Brown and what a cracker of a fish. Why not check him out on instagram