Solid Bag – Tie Your Own Series

@jamie_george93 is back with his latest instalment in the tie your own series - his solid bag rig

Back for the second instalment of BNKDs “Tie your own series feature” BNKD member @jamie_george93 brings you his take on the Solid Bag and the rig he uses.


The trusty solid bag approach has to be my number one go to tactic to nick a bite. Knowing that your presentation is spot on and the trap is set!


Having a neat parcel of bait with a rig concealed within the freebies, I believe this setup is so effective as the carp come in to investigate, they don’t detect a lead or rig and confidently suck up the parcel of bait along with the rig.


The mechanics of the short supple rig and heavy lead gives the carp a real problem trying to eject the hook.


So lets get into how I like to fish this setup…


I fish my solid bags with a German Rig, here’s how I tie it up…


  1. Start by cutting yourself around 8 inches of supple braid.


solid bag step 2

2. I then tie on a size 6 curve shank with a knotless knot and steam a small piece of shrink tube over the knot.


solid bag step 3

3. I then slide on a mirco hook ring, hook bead and a tungsten dropper.


4. I finish off the rig with a double figure of eight look knot. 4 – 4.5 inches is my preference on length. I then floss on a dumbell wafter and its complete.


Now for the lead system and how I load my bags up.


I like to use short 8 inch lead free leaders with the avid inline outline safety leads.


The Mix: My mix consists of boillie crum, 2.3mm pellets, 4mm pellets, stick mix and fine Himalayan rock salt.


I start to load my bag with a small layer of finer bits of the mix to ensure my hook doesn’t get masked by anything.


Then drop the hook bait in and tuck it neatly into the corner of the bag.


I then load the bag up about halfway before gently straightening the hook-link to ensure the rig isn’t tangled. After this I add another layer until the bag is about 3/4 full making sure everything is compact. I then push the lead into the pellet mix and a final layer over the top.


After the bag is compact and shaped, I then tie off the bag with some PVA tape.


Trim the excess off.


Finally, I lick and stick the corners to complete the setup.


Simply loop the completed rig on and your fishing!


Here’s a list of the components used to make the setup:

  • Supple braid,
  • Curve Shank Hook (Size 6),
  • Micro Hook Ring Swivel,
  • Hook Bead,
  • Shrink Tube,
  • Inline Lead,
  • 8 Inch Leader,
  • Small PVA Bag,
  • PVA Tape.